MSN Program Statistics

Graduating Class Attrition Rate Pass Rate of Certification Exam (NCE) on First Attempt Job Placement Rate
2019 6% 97% 100%
2018 2% 100% 100%
2017 7% 93% 100%
2016 5% 94% 100%
2015 2% 91% 100%
2014 5% 97% 100%
2013 9% 87% 100%
2012 5% 97% 100%
The average national attrition rate reported by the Council of Accreditation in 2013 was 6% ± 3.

Post Graduate Job Placement

Graduates of KPSA are held in high esteem for their in-depth knowledge and high quality anesthetic practices. The school has developed an outstanding reputation not only in the community but also throughout the country. Many of KPSAs’ graduates have grown professionally and attained faculty positions, administrative teaching positions, Program Administrator positions in nurse anesthesia programs, and have held positions for state and national nurse anesthesia associations.

All students have achieved employment upon graduation in a variety of settings throughout the United States, including the Armed Services, facilities of the Veteran's Administration, and areas that are medically underserved. Our most recent graduates have received jobs in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.