Students are required to pay the following program fees and expenses:

CSUF Application Fee$55.00
CSUF Tuition/Fees (CA Residents)*$23,000.00
CSUF Graduation Fee$115.00
KPSA Program Fees$10,000.00
AANA Student Membership Fee$200.00
Self Evaluation Examination$260.00
National Certification Examination$725.00
Ear Piece Stethoscope$150.00
KPSA Meetings$70.00
Books (varies)$500.00
CSUF Sigma Theta Tau (optional)$25.00
Approximate Total Cost**$35,230.00

** Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
* Students who are not residents of California may be subject to additional non-resident tuition of $372/unit. Non-residents can work to establish state residency in their first year of enrollment and petition to be reclassified as a state resident for tuition purposes for the second year. More information about this will be provided to non-resident students upon admission and throughout the program.