Cal State Fullerton's School of Nursing has a strong partnership with the Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia. All nurse anesthetist’s specialty seminars, lectures, and lab courses are held at Kaiser Permanente and affiliated clinical sites utilizing state-of-the-art facilities. This concentration requires (71) units of fulltime study including a research directed study. Students who may have completed prior equivalent graduate coursework may complete the degree with a minimum of 52 units. Clinical hours are based on competency guidelines from the Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia.

Semester 1 (Fall)
Course Number Course Name Units
NURS 501Theoretical Perspectives for Nursing Practice (online)3
NURS 542Advanced Physical Assessment3
NURS 580Advanced Pharmacology for Anesthesia I3
NURS 581Anesthesia General Principles3
Semester 2 (Spring)
NURS 505ANursing Research and Evaluation for Practice (at CSUF)3
NURS 582Anesthesia for Special Procedures & Populations3
NURS 584Advanced Pharmacology for Anesthesia II4
NURS 585LNurse Anesthesia Practicum I2
Semester 3 (Summer)
NURS 505BSeminar in Nursing Research (at CSUF)3
NURS 586Pediatric and Obstetric Anesthesia3
NURS 587LNurse Anesthesia Practicum II5
Semester 4 (Fall)
NURS 588Advanced Physiology/Pathophysiology for Anesthesia I4
NURS 589LNurse Anesthesia Practicum III7
NURS 596AComprehensive Exam2
Semester 5 (Spring)
NURS 590Advanced Physiology/Pathophysiology for Anesthesia II4
NURS 591LNurse Anesthesia Practicum IV7
NURS 596BComprehensive Exam2
Semester 6 (Summer)
NURS 592Professional Nurse Anesthesia Role3
NURS 593LNurse Anesthesia Practicum V7
1600 Clinical hours -- 660 Theory hours -- 28 Clinical Units -- 43 Theory UnitsTotal Units: 71